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About CyrilNikitin

Need "No Copyright Music" for your videos?

I plan to regularly create and add here a Copyright Free Music that my patrons can use in their YouTube videos and any commercial projects including games, movies and TV.

* More copyright free music will be available soon.

About me:

Hi, my name is Kirill, better known as Cyril Nikitin on YouTube and Audiojungle. I make cinematic background music for videos, games, films, trailers, documentaries, presentations, advertising, social media, TV shows and more.

My clients is: NVIDIA Spain, Peugeot, HYUNDAI, BMW China, you could hear my music on American and foreign TV, especially in commercials, where my music sounds regularly;  "EPSON'S Holiday 2015"; in "IBM hackatone" video, Greenpeace flashmob; in a number of PC / iOS / PS4 games and much-much more.

YouTube members ask me to create more No Copyright music tracks, for free use Without Content ID and AdRev (then they all took one train from that disaster movie ...). Since this initiative does not bring me any income, so to access and download all my 'No Copyright Music' tracks, I invite you to become my patron.
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The more patrons join, the more copyright free music I'll post.
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  • Twenty patrons are a serious number, then a total of 20 Non-Copyright tracks will be available to you.
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