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Little OwO
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Lets you download all the music that i have already uploaded to SoundCloud 

The given link will take you to the google drive that i have set up hopefully it works if it doesnt simply contact me and we wiLl get it done but i have already tested it and it works but you newer know right OwO  

This means you get access to 217 songs that are already on soundcloud you can download them and take them on the go

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Gets you access to the songs i already uploaded to SoundCloud and all the songs that got taken down from SoundCloud due to copyright and they whil newer be uploaded anywhere but here soooo take it while you can HAHA that means the already uploaded  217 songs + 43 songs that arent uploaded anywhere




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Hope you all like nightcore because thats all you will find here only nightcore and a whole lot of positivity.
Here you can download alll of my songs tier 1 lets you download all the songs that are uploaded on Soundcloud tier 2 will get you access to all the songs that got taken down from the Soundcloud due to copyright but i can upload them here so thats super great OwO.

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