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Sugar free cookies and Bananas
per month

This little lady of ours has an insatiable sweet tooth! Help keep the pantry stocked with sweet things that bring her smiles all year round :) 

Can you hear me now?!
per month

Evelyn loves hearing the voices of her family. Picking up the cost of her monthly phone bill is almost as important as giving her a call!

The Black and White tier
per month

Evelyn loves her daily Crosswords and her Newspaper! Help fuel her addiction and bring her a smile. 

Daily Hygiene Necessities
per month

Help keep Evelyn feeling as beautiful as she is, by replenishing her toiletries and other household necessities on a monthly basis. 

Big Hair Total Care
per month

Every queen deserves to feel pampered and cared for. Help Evelyn feel as beautiful on the outside as she is on the inside, by helping to pay for her monthly hair and nail appointments.

Caring for Copays
per month

One of the biggest expenses and one of the greatest needs is the upkeep of Evelyn's health. Off setting the cost for multiple medications and copays for hospital admissions and other on going medical needs, is a huge gift to be able to give. 




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About Evelyn Black

This beautiful woman who has given so much, is living her golden years to the fullest, but boy could she use some help from the family to get her hair did! Through this Patreon we aim to create a place for all of us to give back to the wonderful woman who helped raise so many loved ones.

By donating to one of the tiers listed, you can assist in enriching her life every day. Wether it be assisting in purchasing her daily newspaper or a monthly hair and nails appointment, every little bit given back goes a long way to off setting the expenses of the care she requires. 

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