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About muianp


Hi! My name is Mui and I am a multimedia student from the Philippines :D 

I am currently working on a webcomic called "Sunny-side up", it is a comic anthology and most of the stories is by friends. I would like to create a heartwarming comic for now. 

My current project: :)

I've been doing animations and illustrations for the major duration of my studies and I will be graduating next year! This is a passion of mine and I wish to do better as time passes by.

I have made several short films along with my friends. Most are either live-action/animation or just purely animation. 

How this page works
If you support me by pledging, it will help me continue to grow and I can jumpstart making commissions for my patrons! :)

Where does the money go?
I'll be very honest with you guys. Most will go to my cats. They need cat food. D':
The rest will be for my mother.

Thank you for all your support. I will continue to work hard and improve. :)

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