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Hi first i would like to introduce my self my name is Chris.I own and run a channel on YouTubeThe name of the channel is Xtrails Extra. I am a wanderlust at heart. My mum used to call me that because holidays and nights after school. i would vanish for hours on end (Causing her a lot of marther (worry). That wandering never really stopped it slowed down but never actually stopped to this day. Then a wonderful thing came along(internet and youtube) and its only just lately that i thought why not lets do this i enjoy it so why not I'me out most weekends visiting places so lets film it and share my adventures.So here i am. No beating about the bush asking for money. the fact is youtube don't pay me i do this for fun.. But it costs. A fiver is almost One gallon of diesel on average i get thirty two miles to the gallon i obviously need my car for work so the other costs.are written off. Now the begging bits over read on i have a great or not so great story (depends on how you look at it)
    When i was about ten or eleven I heard the big kids on about a cave in my area so sitting and pretending not too listen. They explained that this was by the old reservoir near my home. I Knew where this reservoir was every summer my mum and dad would take me and my baby brother there to swim. (not recommended now days though) My mum was a qualified lifeguard and worked at the local Lido(open air swimming pool) used to love the walk up to the resser and the pop on the way back at the local working mens club.What the big lads was saying obviously got my curiosity going so the wanderlust Kicked in so i planned my trip i had a single AA Battery torch(i used to read the famous five books when i was supposed to be asleep) tried to get my next door neighbour (he was my friend a little younger than me) to come with me but he was a little scared so he didn't. So off I plod with my torch threw the conker fields round by the quarry then across the fields some Three hours later i eventually found it. Must have gone around and threw half a dozen fields. looking for anything that looked like a cave a strange cave it was arched and looked man made and  about two feet of the entrance  sticking out of the ground.So i do no more than slide down slope too this entrance. (I was in shorts tshirt and plimsoles) Got nearly all the way in it was just my head showing scraped my back and then bottled out of it and decided to go swimming in the resser instead(it seemed more fun after hurting my back) so i did. I had no idea about the time of day it was. I was having great fun swimming and diving and splashing. Must have been 4 hours after nearly Seven hours from leaving home then all of a sudden down the access road to the resser they came driving speeding down a fire engine and two police cars so i scrabble to the sides start running after them they say curiosity killed the cat.I asked them what was happening had some one died in the resser never even thought they was looking for me then they asked me my name soaking wet I was..That was it they bungled me into the police car drove me home. my freind had told my mum where i had gone. It didn't kill me but got me very very  severely reprimanded when the policeman took me home. I have since found out that this is a abandoned manganese mine and plan on doing it.Better prepared this time with your help.

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