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Many say these days , that we live in a world of disarray... Truth , has been transformed into a controversy. What is the truth? Objectively? What does it mean? Is there a personal truth , is there a basic principle who everybody must conform?  Isn't it settled by the so many institutions , companies , people , who claim that they offer it? Is it even transformed , as i just stated , or was it always like this , and we became overly romantic about it in the first place , fed by fairytales?

I will assume the role of offering the criteria for the eternal pursuit , for that which is many times considered as a cliche , a taboo. The pursuit of Truth , regarding any matter worthing pursuit.

By pursuit truth and fighting lies , this endeavor of mine on this Patreon page , is also my personal fight with my idea of Me. My idea , of what i constitute on this world. A narcissist , as i always believed i am better than others , who through this endeavor , will understand at the end of the road , that he probably isn't the Philosopher King , but his Interpretator , eternally divided between His superiority and the common people. Forever condemned to be his errand boy. But i have no other way for myself to be conducted , because as i said , i am divided. Because he is not the most easy going person in the world , but , he is right.

My English are novice , but they , as also - and more importantly -  my thought , will be understood and analytic at the same time. You will understand the conclusions ,but also the more crucial part , which is the method of coming into these conclusions.

I guarantee you will be interested , even if you disagree.

I want to take the rensposibility of you.

Rensposibility is taken , when something else is given; Power.

Give me Power.

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