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All benefits of the Red Blood Cell Tier, and White Blood Cells. Also, if there is any item, assembly or piece you'd like me to model for you privately, this tier gives you access to message me and we can discuss private creations you'd like me to make for you personally. The size and time of the item will depend on whether or not there's an additional price.

In addition if there's an item or assembly you'd like to be built on stream I'll model it and teach the process of the object requested. 




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About Gammacell


My name is Lucas Adams, some of you my know me as Gammacell.

The majority of my content revolves around technology and first person shooter gaming.
I fly drones and spend way to much time playing with cameras.
In addition to cinematography and photography I also spend a lot of my time 3D modeling. 
I started 3D CAD when I was 8 and have continued ever since. One of my accomplishments would be that I'm a certified tutor from one, soon to be two, colleges/universities.

Part of my content is to teach, those who're interested in drafting, developing blueprints and 3D modeling. I do so by streaming it and posting the video later on my YouTube channel.

For gaming I play mostly on PC and PS4, games include: Battlefield V, Insurgency Sandstorm, PUBG, and Escape From Tarkov. But that's only part of the time of my content.

So if anyone you know is interested in learning how to 3D model or other areas of technology please consider becoming a patron.

Thank you very much for your support!!!

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