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Weekly Videos
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The first tier gains you access to my weekly videos, where I'll talk about different musical concepts, arranged into small video series. I'll also occasionally post bonus videos of live performances and rehearsals. Videos will range in frequency from 1-3 per week.

Critique and Feedback
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This tier gets a boost, as you can contact me directly, and send me as many as 5 video links per month of you performing that you'd like me to give you feedback on.

Videos should be no longer than 3 minutes in length, and should include a description of what you're specifically focused on in the performance, the area that you'd like me to focus on and critique. I will offer feedback on the performance, with the specific goal of giving you solid ideas to help cultivate growth in your playing. I will reply with videos where applicable.

Single Lesson Plan
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This tier is designed for the student who is getting to a point where they're ready to truly take their playing to the next level, and they want to start committing to a solid practice regimen.

In addition to having access to the first two tiers, you will officially be on my student roster, and will have a reserved 30 minute lesson spot once a month.




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About Zack Devine

Thank you for taking the time to visit my Patreon page!! 

I am a career musician and teacher, with over 25 years of experience playing music, and over 15 years experience as an instructor. I teach guitar, piano, and vocals, but my primary instrument is guitar. I have a bachelor's degree from Berklee College of Music, and I am currently a graduate student, studying for my Master of Music in jazz studies from The University of the Arts in Philadelphia, PA. 

Through years of composing, performing and teaching, I have acquired a wide knowledge base of most genres of music, and an exceptional understanding of music theory, and how to apply it to writing, transcription, and teaching.

It is through this page that I would love to share this knowledge and experience with you. Select your tier based on what type of lesson plan you feel you will benefit you the most, or simply choose one of the lowest two tiers for some weekly videos, and optionally with tier two, the ability to send me performance videos and get feedback on what you feel needs improvement. There's something to suit everyone's goals! 

All lessons are done online in a web chat based format, and supplemental materials for practice will be supplied via email as needed.

Thank you again for being here, and I look forward to the opportunity to pass on the wonderful gift of music to you!!

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