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About Sister Rae's Freak Bakes

Hello and welcome! To quote Willy Wonka, "I shake you warmly by the hand..."

Who are you?

Sister Rae's is a home-spun cakery in which sweet dreams are born.
Specialising in elaborate, luxurious and frankly excessive compositions.

What's your story?

Everybody likes to feel special, right? And everybody likes to make other people feel special.
The way I feel most satisfied in making someone else feel special is with a BIG OL' CAKE.

Make it like yo' birthday erryday.

I make cakes & brownies for birthdays, weddings, christenings, baby showers, graduations, or just when you feel like you deserve to chow down.

Like many, I found growing up as a 'weirdo' difficult. School wasn't always welcoming; I didn't feel like other people. I dropped out of university at 19 due to suffering with PTSD and depression.


In 2019, I'm about to begin my final year of undergraduate study in Linguistics with a spring in my step and a new lease of life. Following your passions is important for your mental well-being, and what better way to showcase it than through Patreon!

Why should I become a patron? What's in it for you?

Excellent question!
As I previously mentioned, I'm approaching the end of my undergraduate studies. I'm trying my hardest to be in a position to start a Masters qualification in Forensic Linguistics after this, with hopes of progressing on to PhD study so I can finally solve crimes n junk; a magnifying glass in one hand and a cake in the other...

I digress.
As anybody who has looked into MA study in England will know, the government loan that comes with it does not include maintenance. This means that course fees are covered, while living costs are not. Your donations will help a long way towards taking some of the financial strain off re-locating to a new city and immediately having to find employment, all the while studying my sweet bunz off.

Why should I become a patron? What's in it for me?

Even better question!
I love to experiment with new ideas for cake toppers, recipes, merchandise (side note: eternal thanks to Ciao Wheelhouse for my deliciously freaky logo), and decorating techniques - and I want you to be able to try it for yourselves!

To say a big, fat THANK YOU for your support, you will receive tips, updates, edible stuff, wearable stuff and other stuff. Hooray for stuff!

So, that's me! I hope to be sending sweet thangz to you very soon.

Keep it freaky,

Lily x
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