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Two dollars may not seem like much, but any donation is the lifeline of an aspiring author and metaphorical food for the creative process. A soldier can't march on an empty stomach, and you provide a means to travel with new vigor!

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About Leo's Interactive Games

Hello everyone! I'm Leo, an aspiring writer who is currently authoring Triaina Academy and Residence of Reeker Hill: choose your own adventure stories using Choicescript. You can check them out here:
Triaina Academy and Residence of Reeker Hill

So, the big question of why you should dump money to support me? I personally wish I could make a career out of writing, however that isn't a plausible dream without funding. Naturally, everything I get would go back into developing my games for everyone to enjoy, and I'd be able to spend even more time working on them which is a big plus for both me and those who wish to see the works completed sooner and have me work on newer installments! :)

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