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About Veterans Ecological Trades Collective

Over the last three years, The Veterans Ecological Trades Collective has grown and become our life's work. This is why we're passionate about it continuing to progressively move forward.

VETC is pledging to our fellow veterans and allies that this movement will continue to grow, expand, and touch even more lives.

Today, The VETC is a coast to coast network with a bioregional focus, spanning the PNW and beyond. We want to invite YOU, the supporter, to join us in contributing to veterans in permaculture. As veterans ourselves, it's our continual promise, no matter what the pledge amount, this work will continue in perpetuity.

Our veteran’s passion must not be lost, which our my heartfelt belief.

The goal of joining the Patreon platform is to give VETC followers an exclusive look into our  personal perspective, and a behind the scenes outlook on the veterans within.

As little as $2.00 is enough to gain exclusive access to this select content. Of course, pledges of a greater amount are accepted. Our entire team at VETC appreciates the contributions, and because of you, the sustained body of our work will act as a bridge the gaps between military and civilian life, and highlight our incredible capabilities beyond our time in service as Marines, Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and everything in-between.

Thank you for your pledge to power our passions, and ensuring veterans who crave access to the land can have the equity they deserve.

Your hard earned money and appreciated pledge goes toward:

  1. Travel costs for of our veterans (lodging, gas, food)
  2. Branding and marketing to ensure the project reaches even more followers.
  3. Infrastructural growth so we can afford to reach even further in our potential as a global movement.
  4. Future funding of non-profits directly supported by veterans covered by the project
Thank you, and lets get our hands dirty together.

We have exciting news to report!

Twenty veterans have signed up for our show stopping opportunity at agricultural entrepreneurship, using an innovative self sustaining business model that will be able to cede land and graduate a new generation of farmers every five to seven years.

#Underserved and #underrepresented #veterans(#women, #LGBTQ2IA+, #BIPOC, religious and non religious minorities,) are openly invited and strongly encouraged to apply for membership in the Veterans Ecological Trade Collective (VETC), a small business incubator that includes free lifetime access to campgrounds, a fishing pond, hiking trails, wildcrafting programs, community gardens, and more.

Qualifications for Membership are simple:

1) be a veteran of #military service or be sponsored by one,


2) obtain a Permaculture Design Certificate from a course led by a PINA (or other approved) professional association of Permaculture instructors.

The essential prerequisite for the VETS_CAFE incubator is a two-week, 80-hour intensive Vets_CAFE Permaculture Design Course in Rochester, Washington from August 16th to September 1st.

Following the course, members can work with Enterprise for Equity #Agriprenuer and qualify to open a business at the equity site incubator.

Applicants submit a business plan which is vetted by the stewardship committee. If approved, the applying member will receive up to $25,000 in startup funding.

If accepted, the applicant becomes a site operator and member of the stewardship committee.

In five to seven years VETC will, working with the Northwest Cooperative Development Center, South of the Sound Community Farm Land Trust, and other valued partners, have a mechanism of transferring most of the property (60 – 90 acres) to the Stewardship Committee Members.

#VETC will, by that time, have secured new property, and be engaged in repeating the process with a new cadre of farmers.

Access to land is the primary obstacle to aspiring farmers. Despite local resolutions, codes, and ordinances, we are still losing farmland and farmers in the South Sound.

We look forward to finding solutions with you this year, and beyond.

Stay tuned for other exciting announcements from all of us at the Veterans Ecological Trades Collective !

Register as Soon as Possible to secure your spot!<wbr>resgistration

#BootsToRoots #Equity #Incubator #Access #Land#VetsGoHard #VetsFarm #FarmerVeteran#FarmVetCO #HomeGrownByHeros#CommunityCare #BattleBuddies — atVETS_CAFE.

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