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About Movies with Meaning

Movies with Meaning is a YouTube channel that analyses popular movies in an attempt to extract some sort of psychological meaning from them that will hopefully help people in their personal development and psychological well-being. This channel will aim to explore many psychological ideas over time, but the main inspiration for this channel, and the work that I shall be starting with, is Jordan Peterson's Maps of Meaning.

I have always been fascinated with psychology, despite having no formal training in it, although my girlfriend works as an Assistant Psychologist which has helped me learn a lot more about it. When I first discovered Jordan Petersons work I found his online lectures to be incredibly fascinating as have many other people on YouTube.

He has been heavily influenced by the work of Carl Jung who believed that we all inhabit a story, and that these stories have a particular structure, an archetype. Archetypal stories serve as descriptions of how to act in the world.

One example of an archetype would be the hero archetype. The idea is that by embodying the hero archetype (which is laid out in many popular movies) we can find great meaning and go on a journey of personal growth and psychological development.

To that end I thought I would start this channel with the idea of walking through the narratives told in popular movies of our time in accordance with the ideas proposed by Jordan Peterson in Maps of Meaning, with the aim of eventually moving on to further psychological ideas and thinkers, with a particular emphasis on Jungian psychology.

I thought this might be a useful and interesting way to spread some of Peterson's ideas to people that may not have come across them before, and in a way that is perhaps more accessible and entertaining to some people, particularly lovers of movies.
Any donation you can make, however small, will be a great help and will go towards funding videos that will hopefully be helpful and inspiring to people!

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