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I can make you up to five 16x static sprites or one 5 frame animation.
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You know what 10$ can get you? Up to five 32x static sprites or one 5 frame animation.
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About Anna Baldur

Hey, I'm Balduranne, a poor self-taught pixel artist from Eastern Europe.

While I have a long history of drawing, both digitally and traditionally, I never reached a proficiency. It wasn't until late 2010 that I discovered a talent for spriting. 
I did a fair amount of sprites for Minecraft, and a ton for Terraria. In fact, I'm working on several mods for the latter, in addition to commissions.
That doesn't mean however that I'm limited to just 2 styles. I enjoy trying out new things, and doing paid work means that I never know what to expect.

Unfortunately, due to the rampant unemployment in the country I live in, and the general low-techiness of it, it's hard to find ANY job, let alone get hired as a pixel artist.
And, well, the commission work alone isn't enough to scrape by.

This means that anything you can spare will go towards bills, food, medicine and hey, if enough people like it, maybe I'll be able to go to a movie sometimes.
So in other words, your pledges help this girl survive.

Most of my sprites are either available on my deviantART page, or on Terraria: Online, but here's a teaser:

PS. I still haven't figured this page out yet, so expect heavy fiddling.
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Actually having people pledge would go a long way in keeping me invested in releasing my work here
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