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 Watch Videos here 7-14 days before they appear on Youtube :) 

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 Watch Videos here 7-14 days before they appear on Youtube :) 



About Best of Dashcam Europe

You want to get Early Video Access and or support the channel?
Videos are published here on Patreon 7-14 days before they appear on Youtube.
You will always be one of the first to see it :)

European Dashcam Compilations since 2014 on YouTube.
Subscribers or Viewers can always send in their selfmade Dashcam Videos, if they are entertaining they are combined to in total around 10-15min long compilations.
All submissions are credited and countries or locations of the footage
are included as infotext in the videos.
Collection. Audition. Cut. Edit. Render. Upload. Community.
Those videos take more time than you probably expect.
This channel always was and still is 100% based on it´s community.
You! :)
The channel is not monetized by Youtube ads.
(there is 0,00$ ad income from YouTube!)

Any support is highly welcome! :)
This starts with likes, comments, sharing videos, sending in videos, and of course I would highly appreciate your patronage :)
Thank You very very much!

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Goal for the long run :)
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