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About Mary Jennifer Payne- Writer and YA Author

I'm a Toronto-based author and writer who is juggling a writing career, teaching Special Education full-time and three cats. Not literally juggling the three cats, obviously! My current project is the first full-length book investigating the damage 5-alpha reductase-inhibiting drugs, most notably the hair loss treatment known by the brand name, Propecia. These drugs have caused immense and persistent sexual, cognitive, physical and psychiatric damage to men and women around the world and emerging evidence demonstrates that there may have been a deliberate covering up of the possibility of this damage by Merck pharmaceuticals and others. The book is more than half-written and I'm hoping to complete a documentary to coincide with the book publication (or that will completed just shortly thereafter). I need time and money to do this and to do it right. I'm passionate about getting this project out and it means more to me than anything I've done thus far in my writing career. I love Toronto, but it's not an easy place to live on one's own and, like many, I'm currently juggling several side gigs on top of teaching. That 's where you come in, Patreons. Your contributions to my work would make it easier to focus my time on The Lost Men and to do the travel necessary to continue my interviews for the book. It would also help feed my little felines! 

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