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So I doubt this will be worth anything for at least few years, maybe it never will have any value, but you never know unless you try.

I make YouTube videos (currently it's only Beat Saber and sh!tposts, but I want to branch out considerably) and write things (currently just fanfiction, but I have plans for original works once I finish the ones I have going right now).

I really have no idea what I can offer people as rewards, and my only idea, being putting your names at the end of longer videos, is pretty lame. This might change later once I'm done with school and can fully invest myself in this whole thing. But you should really only support me right now if you want me to be able to put more of my time into all this since I wouldn't have to work as much with a decent income from here.

Anyway, right now, this is pretty pointless, but I felt like starting early on this just in case.

Thanks and good day,

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