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.png tier people are the cool kids who just wanna represent and help me out a bit. .png tier donations are great for your budget, and mine hehe ;))

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thank you so much lol, you guys are cool. you get access to free special beats that nobody else besides higher-tier patrons get to hear :)) i'm also open to helping you learn how to start out making beats and other possible special requests if you just ask :))

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thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou bud omg this is a lot of money and you don't understand how happy you're making me atm, because this, monthly especially, is a big leap to a new set up and my education eeee thank youuuuuu




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About astrocosmo beats ・゚✧*

Hi! I'm a young person who likes to make beats. I'm based out of the West Coast and most of my beats for the time being are open-source and free to use because it's just a fun hobby of mine, but if you want specialized beats or just wanna support me, this is the place to be. Funds would support me getting a better setup, future education, and possibly opening social media channels (YouTube, Twitch, etc)