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Hello everyone,
my name is Dr. Frank Mallwitz and I am the CEO and the main beekeeper of Greenhoney. It was actually my idea to raise a biological certified bioapiary beginning with my 15 beehives in my garden.
To be honest it was a hard work and initially no one wanted to believe in my ideas. But I continued and persuared my goals. Changing my scientific profession ( I have a PhD in biochemistry from Max Planck Institute) to an agricultural profession as a beekeeper with a start-up company with an uncertain future.
Anyway, I managed to raise almost 280 bee hives within the last 3 years, I did it almost on my own without any further financial support. I did lots of scientific research, wrote a business plan, came up with new ideas and new procedures and exlored with my solid knowledge in beekeeping over the past 30 years.

UNFORTUNATELY in the beginning of 2019 we have experienced a severe LOSS of beehives due to a strong VANDALISM in a protected area. We have lost at once almost 80 beehives, this meant to be almost over 1/3 of our entirely population. We have not recovered from this loss since we haven't lost just the beehives but although we have lost the honey income for the coming season 2019.

We love our job, beeing in the nature, contributing to a better environment. 
Bees are very important for the plants and fruits. The huge bee losses over the last years mean a danger to our planet. We practise biological beekeeping, this includes no pollution, no pesticides, wooden beehives, a well balanced agriculgural fields.
Over the last years we have build long lasting cooperations with the surrounding field owners. We know them very well and they even buy and sell our honey.
WE WOULD LOVE YOU to support us. Even with a small amount of money we can make our planet a better place to live.

THANK YOU very much. 
We will provide every patreon with our special collection of honey.

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