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About AM beats

Making a great Anime Music Video is not an easy job and many platform like YouTube doesn't support that. So in the recent years, many great AMV channel creators like bakaoppai and bestamvofalltime have quit making AMV because of how much effort it took to make one great amv, and not really getting any returns. And of course they made those great amvs for their own enjoyment or hobbies but upon realizing how tiring it is in the long run, and how time consuming they bailed on continuing their talent since they have other responsibilities.

Music is life that's what we've learned as a millennial because we're depressed -- and music is what keeps us sane. Anime on the other hand is the greatest creation ever made by mankind. They make great stories with different kinds of genres, your overall fantasies happening in your field of view and not in your imagination. Combining the two is superb, you get that intense feeling of the anime/song vibe of what it portrays, people really wanted different kinds of emotions coming in, guilt, happiness, pleasure, you name it. That's why we seek out stories in different forms. Anime is wholesome by itself but by making it into a music video is like gift wrapping or packaging your order, so if you want to show someone an anime send them an amv instead. We believe we will make the growing anime community and the norms entertained, and will be excited for more. Hopefully you will continue to support us AMV creators. We weebs will keep the anime alive for forever by the power of music and creativity.

We will be using 100% of your donations to enhance your viewing experience: better audio equipment/studio, video equipment, animations, and more! Often, We unable to create some things due to cost, so when you donate, you will be helping us make the best content we can!

Thank you for visiting our Patreon. If you'd like to support us on this exciting journey then we will be forever grateful! Thank you so much for supporting our content on YouTube.