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About iHeartAnxiety

Having anxiety and agoraphobia is a debilitating combo, but bouts of depression and self-loathing don't help either...welcome to my paradise! I am John and through this project called iHeartAnxiety, I want to give others a place to come and interact with me as I go through one of the loneliest personal journeys one can go through. Not because its the worst or the most painful, but because its the most reviled in terms of how we treat those affected with mental illness. Like lepers. 

Here's the catch though...you won't find me spending my time on the negative or giving in to my many failures. With this project I want to show the world that 'normal' is just a label and anyone of us can wear success if shown the right demeanor. My long-term goal is to be a creator full-time through the help of people like you that believe in my cause. 

Whether that's through streaming video games, making motivational videos or personal vlogs about the daily struggles I conquer- I will change the stigma of mental illness for the better. the best part about all this is its completely therapeutic to me and I get to meet amazing individuals along the way! So stay awhile and donate if that's what moves your soul, its gonna be a beautiful ride.