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Hi, my dear Internet friend! How are you? I’m so happy to see you here, and I wanted to thank you for supporting me. I love and appreciate you!

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I think we can consider this as the prologue of this amazing story ahead of us!

Yes, this is Halsey’s song title. You got me!

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You are really into this whole Patreon thing, uh. Well… THANK YOU!

I think you know how much I love Camila, and I couldn’t have found a better name for this section lmao

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About Lorenzo

🇬🇧 Hi! I'm Lorenzo and you might know me for my YouTube channel, where I upload videos weekly. I also started making music just this year, so that's pretty exciting. I can't wait to start this whole new journey on Patreon with you guys, we're going to have fun (I hope lol).

🇮🇹 Ciao! Sono Lorenzo e forse mi conoscerete per il mio canale YouTube, dove carico video settimanalmente. Inoltre, ho cominciato a fare musica proprio quest'anno, ed è elettrizzante! Non vedo l'ora di cominciare quest'esperienza su Patreon con voi, e ci divertiremo un sacco (spero).

P.S. Caricherò contenuti sia in italiano che in inglese, e cercherò di fornire traduzioni in entrambe le lingue per tutti (o la maggior parte) dei contenuti che caricherò.
P.S. I'll upload contents in Italian and in English, and I'll try to put subtitles/translation in both languages for all (or most) of my contents.

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