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The dream of sitting in my pants shouting into a Mic while demons dance on my shoulders is one step nearer thanks to you.

Studbucks Coffee King
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Not only can i sit in my pants,  But now I can splash out strong coffee to make videos 24/7.

No more old man heading to bed at 8:30 with his slippers.

Big Boy Pants
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If I have reached this level of success in your eyes that I deserve $10 then its time to get myself some big boy pants. 

And well uummmm I guess sit back down and play more games

Cuddles Legend Tier
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As you know I don't do this youtube stuff alone, Cuddles is with me every step of the way........god help her!

With this tier we can help Cuddles get to a safe place in the sun away from Grim and his ranting




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About GrimHasH

I'm a grumpy old man that shouts at things on the internet......if you would like to give money to help me continue to do that then you need help but God bless you anyway.
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Setup a community Discord and game servers (tbc) for us to have some bants and laughs on.
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