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About Fringeworks was were I posted theories on the nature of the universe, but focusing on fringe theories that blur the lines with sci-fi. The goal is to update and convert those posts into videos that educate, inform, entertain, but get people to ponder theories in a way that mainstream will not want to. After hundreds of years, since Isaac Newton, mainstream still cannot explain what gravity is. I want to explore the roads not taken, find answers to questions, ask the right questions  and entertain along the way.
I plan to make videos that will make you laugh and wonder what the hell is going on with the Albert Einsteins of today, OK the Hawkings of today, no he's also too smart, the ... (you can fill in the name of who you think is not as smart as Hawking, but not as dumb as politicians, every politician.) Why are we still using the internal combustion engine, something invented over a hundred years ago. Why is computing the only field of science that is advancing, or allowed to advance? Are the smartest people on earth really just politicians? Are we FUCKED?
Not yet, we can start small. Start to ask all the right questions, grow, gain momentum, earn enough and become a politician.(Politician means keeping the status quo. nothing changes and nothing ever will.)

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