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is creating an SCP:SL Server for everyone to join!
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D Class
per month

Class-D otherwise known as the "D boi" is a test subject...For testing on, D boi's are required for all basic SCP Foundation functionality.

-Discord role

-Special Access to Discord channels

-Special acknowledgement :0

Includes Discord rewards
per month

The Scientists are the people that basically feed Class-D to SCP's and watch them die (which is surprisingly fun) and as such get more access, and more benefits.
-Previous Tier benefits

-In-game role

-More Involvement in Game events/Discord Events

-Early Access to Game Developments and Updates

-The ability to flex on Class-D's (disclaimer: Class-D's have bad reactions to being flexed on)

Includes Discord rewards
Security Guard
per month

A Guard is like the bully in the playground, taking all of the D boi's Firearms, Protecting the Scientists, Taking their lunch and Not letting them out. Be a Guard to start bullying Class-D's today!

-All previous Tier benefits

-A better Discord role and in-game role

-Access to a special "Security" Channel in Discord

Includes Discord rewards




per month

About Peanut Servers

Hello! I don't really know what to put here as I do not expect people to do much but Peanut Servers is a community for SCP:SL's Servers with other Servers should I get enough income to support it. I do not have the money to get proper working Servers currently which is why I am here, I hope to be able to host many servers and meet more amazing people in My Discord. With as little as $5 It would help Tremendously with everything and I would appreciate it a lot.

(Server is online join the discord for server link, should you experience issues with the benefits please DM me right away and I will sort it out.)
$0 of $25 per month
In the possibility of me getting $25 per month I will be able to host an improved, fairly decent server and will host an event for Patreon supporters only
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