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About Talk Beliefs YouTube Channel

TalkBeliefs YouTube Channel was launched in Feb 2015. My interviews with individuals from all backgrounds has proven to be entertaining, informative, and also therapeutic for those who have left a particular faith or cult and are now passionate about speaking out about the dangers of such belief systems.

My early interviews include Alexander Stein, cult expert, and Sohail Ahmed, ex-muslim activist, which proved to be very popular and informative.

Since then, I've interviewed exScientologist Chris Shelton and Andrew Copson, head of Humanists UK, plus many more. I began with very basic audio and video and have progressed to higher quality equipment, but there is still room for improvement! Also, as more and more people are becoming aware of what I do, they are contacting me looking for a platform. So, I am looking to travelling further afield to interview others from the world of belief, non-belief, science and those who have left (or escaped) a cult.

This is why some followers of TalkBeliefs suggested Patreon to me - so that fans of my weekly uploads can have the opportunity to give a little something to help if they so desire. HUGE thank you to those of you who have contributed in the past. Thanks for believing in TalkBeliefs!

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