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  • Uranus

Thanks to Blamo Repository has recently brought their magnificent Kodi add-on in the name of Uranus Kodi. You will now want to know why this Kodi add-on is so special. Well, the Trakt account is its specialty. If you log into it and open a premium account in Trakt, you will be able to watch movies with the HD video quality. Also, there will be no Kodi buffering disturbing you in the middle of a movie or TV series. Never mind if you do not want to join their premium account. Still, you will be able to stream the contents perfectly.
  • Exodus ITA

Similar to the Exodus, Exodus ITA is suited for people who want to watch recent movies and TV series. The only factor that creates a differentiating line between Exodus and Exodus ITA is their language. The defaulted language for Exodus ITA is Italian. But for the convenience of the viewers, the language can be changed. Right-click on the Exodus ITA add-on. Then click on the settings option. Under the general tab, alter the language to the one in which you are comfortable.