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Thanks so much for donating to my project. Every little bit helps and I can definitely put it to good use. 


  If your a real basketball fan and you sign up for this tier, I think I'll take the time to make a season preview for your favorite team with a personalized podcast

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Have a little more to offer than 1 dollar? Awesome!!!! I obviously appreciate it.


In addition to a Preview podcast of your favorite team, I'll give  you a shout out on a episode I record, if that means anything to you..... it might not

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Everything offered in the previous tiers, but I'll also let you know early what I will be talking about in the next episode a few days before it comes out for the whole month.



About Connally (all94 podcast)

Hey ladies and gentleman, Connally here. I came up with an idea to make a podcast dedicated to my love for basketball and all of the culture that comes with it. That included the NBA, basketball video games, sneakers, coaching, NBA twitter, etc. I wanted to create a platform where fans of the basketball can be free to talk openly about everything they love and hate about the game while also offering different types of content. This is a somewhat new venture for me, so i could use all the help I can get with equipment (microphones, cameras, etc.) to best give you some out of the box creative content other than the podcast. Any and everything helps and I'll be extremely grateful for whatever you can give. Thanks