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Genesis means "in the beginning" ... begin your journey with 'The Jesus Movement' as we share the Word of God on Facebook and on our very own website through posts, video trailers, and video links to our YouTube Channel where videos, sermons, messages and documentaries are free to view.

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Devarim [Deuteronomy] means "the words" ... as a patron on this level you will not only help to share the WORD of God [the Bible] and teach about the land of Israel on social media and our website, but you will receive a monthly update for 'The Jesus Movement' ministry and hear how we are impacting many people with teaching, support and prayer in over 45 nations.

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Ketuvim means "the writings" ... as a patron on this level you will not only help 'The Jesus Movement' to share the Gospel through social media and online videos, but will support the production, publication and distribution of the "Christian Foundations" teaching manual as an E-Book or hardcopy that teaches core Christian beliefs, an overview of the Bible and 10 Practical Steps to Obedient Discipleship. 

As a "Ketuvim" patron you will receive a monthly update for 'The Jesus Movement' ministry and your very own copy of the "Christian Foundations" E-Book when it becomes available.  




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About The Jesus Movement

'The Jesus Movement' started in September 2018 and is a rapidly growing non-denominational ministry that produces FREE videos and resources "to proclaim the truth and teach the Word of God to everyone ..." This means we teach about the Lord, the Bible and about Israel!

'The Jesus Movement' recognises there are many people in today's world that do not have Bibles, nor resources, nor teaching materials, nor will they have the opportunity to go to Israel and see the land of the Bible for themselves.

What platform does 'The Jesus Movement' use to reach out?

'The Jesus Movement' can be found on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn and its very own website producing videos and posts. We also communicate personally [on Messenger and email] and give practical support where possible. 

How has 'The Jesus Movement' performed so far?

'The Jesus Movement' first started on Facebook and quickly grew to 64,000 plus members in just 6 months before a person from Pakistan hacked this public ministry page and rendered it unusable. After being devastated by this action, 'The Jesus Movement' put in place some extra security and started all over again ... it has now surpassed 16,000 members and continues to grow steadily once again! Facebook allows the ministry to reach out across the nations and through this media platform 'The Jesus Movement' communicates with over 45 nations. Its posts, video trailers and video links reach out on a weekly basis to a minimum of 15,000 people and often many more [has reached over 98,000 people in one week].

'The Jesus Movement' YouTube channel has been very successful as a teaching platform reaching almost 30,000 views to date and has four available playlists ... 'Christian Foundations' [teaching core Christian beliefs and an overview of the Bible], 'Israel Tour' [incorporating photos and videos from Israel these are combined with Biblical teaching to give evidence to the truth of the Bible], 'A Journey to Faith' [an exclusive series teaching about the journey of every descendant of Abraham listed in the 'Genealogy of Jesus'], and 'Sermons, Testimonies and Messages' [a collection of teachings from the Bible, speakers, live chats and so on].

'The Jesus Movement' website provides another media platform to view the videos, learn about 'The Jesus Movement' and a platform [being developed] to provide photographs, books and teaching manuals. Launched more recently, it forms a vital link as a secure site where resources can be acquired and newsletters can be sent from.

Instagram is used solely to provide links for the YouTube channel and videos, whilst LinkedIn provides a more professional platform to communicate and release videos and other resources. 

So how can you help?

'The Jesus Movement' is registered as a "religious organisation" and seeks partners to fund further growth and development. This ministry seeks to fulfil the 'Great Commission' to go out "unto the ends of the earth" to share the Word of the Lord, a Word that changes lives, relationships and societies as they learn to live in a way that pleases God! 

Thank you for reading, please watch the attached "Intro Video" ... Pastor Paul Brunton.


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When 'The Jesus Movement' reaches $5000 per month, the ministry will increase the number of videos released, will increase online ministry communication, and will invest more time into the research, study and writing of content used for publication and distribution. 'The Jesus Movement' seeks to provide FREE content to people in third world nations and conflict countries, and seeks to have content translated into multiple languages to further increase its reach to those in need. 'The Jesus Movement' also seeks to convert all teaching videos and books into audio content to help those who can only afford limited data in financially poor nations.
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