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I first knew patreon when I was watching Jordan Peterson videos, he was my source of inspiration during times of adversity. I came back from the verge of suicide, found my interest, and now I am honing my skills back to serve this society that I have grown to love. My hope is that young people have the relevant information to make better decisions and avoid sabotaging their own lives due to lack of relevant information as I did when I was younger. Time may be their greatest resource, but without relevant information the worst one can do is to overspend their greatest resource. By aiding me, you are supporting me to create more strategic information for them. Meanwhile I am also taking an ACCA course to be a professional accountant, target to finish and start working in 2021. In completing this, I can be a better example for our new generation.
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When I reach 500 patrons, I will try to make an explanation and elaboration on a students time distribution study. Assuming I am completely free, I can do that in 2 weeks.
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