King ARJ

is creating Photo Retouching and Custom Makeup on Pre Made Avatars




per month

About King ARJ

I retouch pictures and do makeup on Pre made avatars or real life pictures sent by you. I do not own any of the pictures on my account! Most of them are avatars from games and art made by some other artists on Instagram. All I do is just Retouch the pictures and do makeup on pictures sent by you, I do not draw the avatars or pictures to do makeup on. it can be any picture for Retouch or custom makeup but please make sure the pictures you send should be a high quality picture or even a JPEG will work.

It can be a digital delivery through email for you to print out or a printed picture to your location.

Photo Retouch Such as brightenin, making the pictures High Quality, Making Dull Pictures Look Vibrant, Apply Filters or Glitch Picture up, Restoring old pictures for - $3 USD.

Doing Makeup on Avatars or Virtual Pictures for - $3 USD.

Doing Makeup on Real Life Pictures of Real Life People for - $5 USD. 

Email Shipping Of High Quality Printable Picture for - $2 USD. FIXED PRICE AND MAXIMUM 48 HOUR DELIVERY DUE TO DIFFERENT TIME ZONES.

Home Delivery Of Printed/ Laminated/ Framed Picture - will be determined according to your location.

Payment Method - PayPal