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About ~CRK

Hello. I am ~CRK, a unique author. I love to write stories and novels; all my characters mean everything to me, and it is my sincere wish that their individual lives will touch others' hearts and inspire emotions. Everything I write is written with true emotion--not just the characters' smiles and tears but my own, as well--and, as such, I tend to seem "flighty" to most people. That is to say that I cannot stay on one project for too long, as my interests and moods color my writing, and I feel it is best to write only when I am in the mood for a particular story.

I truly wish for others to read my books, so I am promising to publish everything for free on Smashwords.com, where I self-publish my works. Yes: each short story, book, and novel shall be free for you to read online or on an e-book reader. In the future, I may give away special hand-bound copies of books.

My readers mean everything to me, so I will always be there for you to answer questions or to send little gifts of "behind-the scenes" extras and free previews of books in progress. If you are a budding writer, yourself, I hope you don't mind if I offer occasional advice and constructive criticism, for that is what I like to do best.

As for Patreon, it is a kind of ongoing Kickstarter site where "patrons" can set aside a pledge (a set amount of money) that will be processed each time I publish a new novel. (I want all the short stories to say absolutely free) You can set a maximum pledge, as well, so that you won't have to worry about going over your spending limit. It would mean the world to me if you became a patron!
I love the old-fashioned, so having patrons like the old days is something special to me. I will do all I can to give back, so please consider setting aside a pledge.

But don't take my word for it... Please read my stories yourself and decide if you would like to read more!

Thanks a lot, and follow your dreams!


You can change your reward level for each upcoming novel if it is one you particularly like and wish to have its limited edition items. I also set up rules for each reward--not to be strict or mean--but to be fair and to make sure you are getting what you really want for your generous donation.

Access to read my books and stories for FREE at Smashwords.com:

Up-to-date information and news concerning new book releases, fun projects, and other cool things on my blog page here:

Thanks for reading, and you can do a great service by sharing your favorite books with friends and family and getting the word out there!

$0 of $200 per novel
If the total is $200 a month, I shall pay willing illustrators to draw for me instead of requesting them as friends. I feel it is fair to pay for others' work.
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