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Honestly the most important tier, you get access to my discord, you also get into my video and if you send me the picture you want in, I will put it in and you get a special thank you from me.

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Same as last tier, but you get a special rank in the discord server.

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Dude, how do you have this much money to give me every month I don't think I'm that entertaining. I really appreciate it and you can be a voice actor or extra in one of my RP videos if you want to and you can get a guest star role on StaticCast for 15 minutes. (You also get previous tier benefits.)




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About BoundlessBonez

Hey guys, I only made this because sometimes I need some money considering how much I get demonetized on youtube(lol) you don't have to support me on here and its okay if you don't want to it really won't affect me that much, but I hope you guys do enjoy my content.