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About Homeless Kiwis In Australia

Hi my name is Jase Aati, i'm the founder of Homeless Kiwis In Australia, once upon a time I became Homeless on the Streets of Brisbane, Australia, first time experiencing it, changed my life, I'm now working for a charity called The Big Issue, which is world wide, it helps those that are struggling to get back on it's feet, I CREATED H.K.I.A to help other struggling kiwis get back on there feet, so i set this website for information, when I made enough income for myself and got myself of the streets, I started making food and also ordering grocery's for struggling people or families.    

It ain't easy, but we all can make a difference, even a simple smile can change lives.   

The bible weather you believe it or not, or even simple values has the word LOVE in it or CHARITY.  Lets put it into practice in a world that has become so busy.  

Thanks for reading and listening. 

Jase Aati (H.K.I.A Founder)

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