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About Sove

Sove started writing music at 6-years-old by sitting at the family piano, clunking the keys, and singing along as she went. By middle school she was a couple years into learning cello and receiving banjo and ukulele lessons from her grandpa (Papa Bull).
Since then Sove has navigated herself through recording her music and booking herself at venues. She is now at Willamette pursuing a higher education on both music and communication skills. With her gift of music and love of teaching she is giving back the the Salem, OR community by giving lessons and teaching and Bush elementary school.

Music has helped Sove express certain situations and emotions that didn't seem to fit well into a conversation. Her newest album, Apparent Horizon, zeroes in on feelings of betrayal, self-exploration, and fear as each song is a unique account of Sove realizing the normalities of severe mental illness.

It's clear that Sove is passionate about what she does and her journey has earned the title of a 'grassroots endeavor'. If she finds herself on her own, she assembles the resources necessary, no matter how small, to keep writing and performing. If she realizes opportunity for help and support, she maximizes the potential by reaching out to fellow artists, professors, and YOU, the donorators!
Sove's motto is 'you, as a listener, are an artist too'. She sees potential in each listener and is reaching out for help from these wonderful creators! If you have been moved by Sove's work, support her message about mental illness, or even just like a soothing Sove song, please become a patron to Sove so she, like you, can keep creating and mercilessly adding to the chaos of this world.
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When I reach $500 per month, I'll start making custom songs for a patron each month by randomly selecting them from a draw (must donate $3 or more each month). 
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