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Thank you! This $1 could have been used to buy a packet of ramen but instead it will go towards helping me create the things I want to share with everyone so thank you <3

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About Junathan

Welcome To My Patreon!

A Little Bit About Me:
Hey everyone! My name is Jonathan or Juna I am a creative from New Zealand, I say creative because I am so wacky that I just bounce from one thing to another, art music etc I love making things and sharing it with others hoping that it will spark some inspiration to create more! It sounds like I'm a creative junkie... I guess so xD.

What Is This Patreon For?
So I like to work hard for what I make and don't normally ask for things from others but this platform is so great to get the support to make your passion a reality and my music is what I want to pursue.

With any support I get from Patreon I will put back into the community and my music. I will purchase things such as premium bots for my discord to make it even better and also I really want to put my EP and future albums on Vinyl as I love that old classic sound.

I Want To Help But I Don't Have Any Money!?
I get it, trust me I wish I had the money to do this myself, I will try and give back allot for any support that I get even $1.00 and if you can't then that is okay you can help me out by listening and being active in my community that means a lot to me too!
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With $50 per month I can afford to add premium features to my discord server to make the comminty allot better!
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