is creating illustrations, Comics and Sculptures
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That money would help me buy good quality materials basically, to go thereby improving the quality of my work. for this i reward you with Comics of my authorship that i send to your email addres
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More of several comics of my authorship and IIlustrations that you request me, receiving support could share with you many of these comics and drawings. I would love to share!
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For that amount I could write and draw a comic story for you according to your taste and your ideas, i love make comics and stories, or i could do to a sculpture in carton about any topic you like and send it to you via postal mail to your hands.




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Because I'm a very steady performer in my work and they will be able to always see new stuff from me, plus I work hard poque to improve every day and try to develop my potential to achieve greater results and share them.
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The talent for drawing and illustration in my country is very big, but it happens that we do not have suitable places to work and thereby to develop our work and make ourselves known, I would like to start this project and see how to develop myself as an artist and thus perhaps also in some way help others who wish to do so.
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