is creating Youtube content coloring in or doing retro gaming videos.
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About R_Jay

Hello everyone. Thank you for stopping by.

I love coloring and playing console games. And i love showing them off to my youtube channel. Every dollar I make from my Patreon will go towards my arts supplies and new camera equipment. Right now i am using a Xiaomi Redmi 6A camera with a bright lamp on the side showing towards my coloring books. I want to get myself a proper camera to record clear videos of my coloring.

My Computer that i am using is for my console emulators that i am playing on. I will be using my computer to stream games as well. Games that i do enjoy and random submissions and challenges people/Patreons want me to see.

I hope to make more better content and quality videos in the future.
$15 of $20 per month
On a $20 Goal i will release a video based on what my Patreons want to see from my work. It could be a certain picture they want me to color or a certain game they want me to play on my youtube channel. Patreons gets first pick :D
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to