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We will publish media with and about binaural beats and hemispheric synchronization for personal use.

Binaural beats, also known as hemispheric synchronisation, has been developed by Robert Monroe and is an acoustic technique that uses sound patterns for influencing consciousness. Binaural beats use the effect of two different sounds delivered to each ear. This is why the use of headphones is recommended. The brain responses to these different sound through emulating an oscillating sound, which influences the brain wave states, wich are known to influence consciousness, subconscious processes and also the body. This process is called brainwave synchronization and occurs in the midbrain and the superior olivary complex of the brainstem. These states are as follows: • Delta: Sleep, rest, dreamless sleep, thoughtless meditation, body repair.
• Theta: Deep relaxation, REM Stage sleep, meditation, creativity, insight, immune system response.
• Alpha/Theta: Calmness, meditation, physically relaxation, sleepiness, immune response, dealing with insomnia.
• Alpha: Peacefulness, relaxation, daydreaming, meditation, dealing with stress and anxiety, focus, concentration • Beta (mid to low): Focus, concentration, alertness, vigilance, dealing with add and adhd
• Beta (high): Irritating and activating, even anxiety and panic
• Gamma: Ecstacy, feeling of oneness, unio mystica, deep meditation, samadhi, nirvana, satori • Epsilon: Ecstacy, feeling of oneness, unio mystica
• Lambda: Ecstacy, feeling of oneness, unio mystica

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