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Mission Statement

While centers across the United States invest in advanced medical treatments, foster care, expanded behavior programs and post adoption support to help even the most challenged animals get a second chance, Ariana and Cristian Rubén founders of the Animal Rescue Project are casting light on the many unique and positive stories of those who have welcomed animals into their hearts and homes.
Without the courage, dedication, love and time that each and every family has shared these stories wouldn't be possible for everyone to see. The goal of the Animal Rescue Project is to reach out to as many families or groups of individuals across the United States who take the extra steps needed to nurture and help create a happy and healthy home for any animal who is in need.
The unique stories documented thus far have displayed what it takes to make the process of rescue a success. We have provided individuals with a foundation to share their stories and the stories of their animals to help spread animal rescue awareness. What better way to show our appreciation for what these courageous people have done to save a life.
With your donation we can keep the movement going and give gratitude to the heroes who don't wear capes. These heroes are more than likely your neighbors, friends, community animal shelters and their employees, marine rescue and rehabilitation centers, and animal rescue sanctuaries, the list goes on. We believe in our cause and are strongly committed to doing our part. We have been blessed to provide the tools and individuals needed to get the Animal Rescue Project started but we need donations to keep it going.
Our mission is to find those positive and happy stories, the ones that motivate us to go out and help however we may be able to. By inspiring everyone who believes in our cause we are confident that we can help continue to help save the lives of all of the amazing living souls that wonder this earth.

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