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About Ivy’s Angels

Welcome to the Patreon page for Ivy's Angels, an animal rescue run by 14 year old Unschooler, Ivy Martin. Ivy has been passionate about animals her entire life. She became vegetarian when she was 6 and then became vegan when she was 8. Ivy was horrified by the animal agriculture industry. She learned about mills that "raise" animals to sell to pet stores and she became deeply affected by learning about the severe mistreatment that animals receive there. 

She decided that she wanted to make a difference and raise awareness about the industry. Ivy has held protests, started social media campaigns, joined Anonymous for the Voiceless to take part in their powerful street advocacy and has rescued many animals that she now takes care of with the love, compassion and dignity they deserve. Ivy has visited the Farm Sanctuary in Watkin's Glen, NY twice and hopes to intern there in the future. Ivy also volunteers at her local humane society taking care of the cats and dogs with her free time.

Recently, Ivy decided to take her growing purpose further and start an animal rescue in her area of Northern New Hampshire. She has rescued animals from local pet stores who were "unsellable" and set to be killed for their uselessness to the store. There are many more animals that need Ivy's help, but financially, she needs support to continue to do her important work. With vet bills, food costs and the need for large, comfortable cages for smaller animals, she is limited in how many animals she can rescue. However, she has endless love, time and care that she longs to share with the animals that need her help.

***Each and every donation will go directly to the animals medical care, food and shelter.***

Please consider supporting this young teen's dream to expand and become a well-known and reputable rescue in her area and receive some pretty cool rewards, too. Your monthly donation will make a huge difference in the lives of many animals that need your help. Thank you for supporting Ivy in her life's purpose and desire to change the world, one rescue at a time. 

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