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About Sunshinethebee

Hi! My name is Josie, but most people know me from my instagram username, @sunshinethebee!

As many of you know, I create daily makeup related content on my instagram. Now that I am in my sophomore year of college, it is getting harder to keep up with this account during the school year without any steady income. It is nearly impossible for me to get a part-time job, as I am enrolled in 18 credit hours, heavily involved in three clubs (I'm VP in one of them!), and again, I do create daily content for my account. I work when I can, but it's not enough. (This psych major and three minors better help me in the future, lol).

I'd be eternally grateful if some of you would subscribe to help me out! Your donations would directly help me in creating more content for my account, as well as giving me a helping hand to occasionally buy necessary items.

Thank you so much for reading through this. I will create content that's worth every penny of yours! <3

See you soon, future supporter!