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is creating Unboxing vintage toys and then creatively destroying them
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The Lousy Aunt
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Yeah, thanks, but $5 isn't much 

Found Toy
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Its worth our time but $10 wont do too much damage. 

Stocking Stuffer
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 It isn't a carded Boba Fett, but it makes great Imperial fodder  




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About -Toy Tantrum

Watch vintage toys opened from their original packaging and then, like in childhood, destroyed in insane ways.  Nothing is sacred and no toy is safe. 

Your Patreon donation will purchase amazing and cringe worthy toys to essentially ruin for viewing pleasure.  The more you give, the better and more awful the destruction and product. 

Perhaps it will be original Star Wars figures, or an unopened TMNT Sewer? Tune in, donate and have a TOY TANTRUM.