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reward item
reward item
  • You give me some support and for this, thank you !
  • A 3D view of the place to be explored
  • High resolution map
  • gridless and gridded versions
  • two versions, night and day


reward item
reward item
  • Builder rewards
  • A mega dungeon every month (or something else)
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About De Architecturart

Welcome explorer!

I am Guillaume Tavernier, French artist. I've been drawing maps and battle maps for a few years.
This Patreon page allows me to share my creations as widely as possible.
I hope that the universes you will discover here will inspire you to create your most beautiful stories.
You can discover on my Facebook page a large choice of my creations.

What can be found on this page?

It is June 2020 when I am writing this text and I want to give a new impulse to my Patreon page.

I offer two levels of rewards, $2 and $5.

  • The $2 reward (Builder) gives you access to the Map Pack. You should expect to receive about two Map Packs per month (see example below). This number of packs may change, but I'll let you know in that case so you can set a donation limit if you wish.
  • The 5$ reward (Architect) gives you access to the Builder level as well as additional drawings. You'll receive the two Map Packs per month + one extra drawing pack per month featuring dungeons in 3D iso view or region maps or NPCs... or other things, depending on what I want :) (see example below). 

A Map Pack, what is it ?

On this Patreon page, I will work by mood, by place, by region.
That is to say that I'm going to propose you for several weeks places with the same theme. It seems to me that it's the ideal way to build libraries of coherent maps.
For example, I will start with the region of Eikesdalen. A mountainous region, rough, cold and regularly snowy. The houses are made of stone and wood. I will create the plans over several weeks and propose you many places in Eikesdalen.
Dwellings, a fortress, underground passages... You will be able to use them in your own countryside and make your characters visit these places by inventing your own stories.
If one day your players decide to visit the mountains of your universe, you will be able to bring out the many plans of Eikesdalen to create the atmosphere!
In addition, each place will be described thanks to an exterior 3D view (ideal to show to your players) and the interior plans of the place in top view, declined with and without grids, and in day/night atmosphere.

Some pictures

Of course, this page is also yours, and maybe we will make it evolve together, according to your desires, your requests.
Polls will be set up so that you can decide on the future atmospheres to discover!
Finally, the Battle Maps are exclusive to Patreon, but I don't forbid myself to use the drawings created here in future De Architecturart books.
Let's go for adventure!

By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 51 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 51 exclusive posts

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