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Lemons & Lemonades
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Lemons & Lemonades are the beginning tier where we take what we have and mix it into something beautiful. This group will be our foundation group and the foundation of anything is always very important. No building, business or relationship can stand strong without a firm foundation. 

We appreciate all the little things in life and this group will have a special place in our hearts because they will be the ones that will begin with us on the journey to great things. 

For this group, you will have access to all new and upcoming things happening on the farm and will be able to access all new videos or things that will keep you informed.

Jumping Tomatoes
per month

The Jumping Tomatoes are the group that want to see things start sprouting and want to be a part of the fertilizing of the ground up.

The Jumping Tomato Group will:

**Have access to all new information and events happening on the farm and any crucial updates.

*Each month, one patron from this group will receive a special photo of one of our Animal of the month updates or Homestead Silly happenings.

Oh My Squash!
per month

The Oh My Squash group sees the fruit coming on fully and wants to be a part of the trellis system to support the abundant growth.

The Oh My Squash! crew is a fantastic way to keep up to date on everything that's happening within the homestead.  If you're a part of this crew:

* Patrons from this crew will be able to access all new events and have first look at all new videos or photos from the homestead happenings.

*Patrons from this crew will also be able to have a personal 10 minute text about "Homestead Talk" where you can ask questions about the homestead and get input on how systems are working out.




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About Simple Good Living

Almost 2 years ago my husband and I were in a pretty bad accident. Amazing how such an event can change your whole life. Due to neck and back injuries I was left with the reality, that for a time, I would have to find other homes for my chickens, goats and whatever else needed more care than I could give. I wasn't giving up farming or homesteading, but I needed time for recovery and regaining my health.  
     I'm much better now and God is good. I am now building the homestead again! Happily we've gotten more chickens and some ducks, rabbits and of course the pigs. Animals can bring a happiness to my soul like nothing else.
     I've always wanted to be as Organic as I could, however, it's extremely difficult. Why? That is my question. Why should the most natural of ways to raise food be the most expensive to buy? Why is it that those who have the least money cannot afford the healthiest of choices with meat and vegetable products?
     Well, as I've been trying to source Organic feed for my animals I'm slowly, but surely, figuring out some of the causes. One of the biggest reasons Organically raised meat is so expensive is that there are rarely Organic feed mills close by where you live. That means, for me at least, I will have to pay about $200+ for shipping!  Now you add that on the higher cost of feed and pretty soon, meat that should cost maybe $3.50/lb has now risen to over $7/lb. This is also true for vegetables and other produce because sourcing the Certified Organic things you sometimes need to grow things means you must pay a high shipping charge to acquire it. y 
     I can say that I'm a little discouraged, but I am not defeated. My mission is to find a solution to be able to raise my meat and produce Organically because I believe that:

1) Animals that I am in charge of must be taken care of to the best of my ability. That means that because my animals I raise for meat will one day make the ultimate sacrifice for me, they should live a life that is the most enjoyable they can. My animals are always treated with the utmost respect and dignity. I am thankful that I have the pleasure of these animals to surround me and enjoy until the day comes they are meant for. What they eat means I will enjoy the benefits of their healthy lifestyle too.

2) I believe that everyone should be able to afford the food that is the healthiest for us. When we have no choice but to eat things filled with pesticides, GMO'S, fillers and things that are causing a wide range of health problems, then I believe there must be a solution to correct the imbalance between healthy nutritional food and food that is not as good for us.

For my community, my goal is to be able to start a small scale, country store filled with Organically grown produce and meats. I also want to carry Organic livestock feed so that others within my community are able to avoid the high cost of shipping and can raise their meat animals on healthier food for them and ultimately for the human that will consume it. 
     Each time I hear of low income being criticized for not eating better I cringe. I understand that their choices are more limited than most people understand. It isn't always a matter of someone not wanting to do better, but sometimes it's a matter of truly not being able to afford to do better with the choices available. The elderly should also be able to eat healthy old fashioned raised foods too as should anyone who wants to enjoy good tasting healthy food should.
    We are working on a Fodder system that will help us to be able to give our animals fresh greens and seeds even during the winter when grass and such has gone dormant or died. We're working on several different forms of food sources, organic fertilizers, and gardening systems for us and the animals. The pigs and chicks have their own organic garden as funny as that sounds to some. Only the best for my little crew!
     My vision is to create a learning experience for those within my community and those who would like to come along for the journey. As I envision the little Country Store that offers just Simple Good Living Homestead foods, I can see young people coming to appreciate where their food comes from and why what the animal eats is important. We would like to incorporate other Homesteaders and their products to help those who are working the simple good living life too. 
Hopefully, we will create such a demand for Organic Livestock feed and Organic growing methods within this area that other communities of buyers, sellers and farmers will come together and help us find a way to bring down the cost so that everyone can enjoy food that is naturally grown the way it should be. For us, it's the way we believe God intended us to eat. 

     If you can see our vision and believe in our mission and would like to come along for the journey we would love to have you. We will keep you posted on all the upcoming events, new systems we try or all of the happenings on our homestead. Hopefully we can all enjoy a little more of the Simple Good Living life.

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