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Including the previous tier rewards, with this subscription you get access to our monthly videos. Our videos provide insight in to our transparency strategy discussions, deep dives in to the justice system data we open, behind the scenes updates on our ongoing litigation efforts, and our takes on the state of justice in Chicago. As a Justice Advocate, you will also be able to submit questions that we will answer in our monthly videos. You will also be provided with 2 free tickets to attend our quarterly events with policymakers, criminal justice leaders, justice reformers, and academic experts that we host around Chicago.

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About Chicago Justice Project

The Chicago Justice Project focuses on challenging one of the most pressing problems facing the Chicago justice system - justice agencies weaponizing their data to prevent closer examination of their activities.

When the data the justice agencies produce everyday stays locked up it is impossible to find solutions to violence in Chicago. It also makes it impossible for stakeholders to evaluate the policies and practices of justice agencies. Instead we are left with strategic leaks and emailed press releases. In neither case are the agencies' narratives challenged.

The Chicago Justice Project is an independent organization that is dedicated to fighting every day to make the Chicago justice system the most transparent system in America. Through our advocacy campaigns, strategic litigation, and policy work we have made great progress in our goal but there remains much work ahead of us.

By supporting our work you are empowering stakeholders and communities with unfettered access to data created by the Chicago justice system. Together we can make this data work for communities and stakeholders instead of being used against them.

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