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About PHONKstrumental

I remake hip-hop instrumentals, preferably songs with samples in them. I also make my own hip-hop beats. Takes a lot time to make most of the beats that are requested to me because I have to spend time finding the sample and correct instruments to match to original song. I also try to make all remakes sound as close to the original as possible, so that means that most of my remakes get copyrighted and I don't make money on Youtube. But I still love reproducing and producing, so any support would be amazing. Patrons get a way higher chance of me reproducing their requested beats than non patrons. I don't know how to make every song, and prefer to make songs with samples in them as I have an easier time making them sound as close to the original song as opposed to some songs that have super unique sounds that I can't find. With that being said, I still take requests for songs that have no samples, as I can still figure out ways to reproduce the beat and make it as accurate as possible.

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