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Por 5 dólares al mes podrás ver la versión completa de cada vídeo que subo a mi canal de You Tube. Habrá un vídeo cada semana.
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Por 10 $ al mes podrás ver los videolibros que subo a mi canal de You Tube. Habrá 4 vídeos al mes. Ahora estamos con la Historia del Arte de E. H. Gombrich.




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About Watching Art

Videos to explain Art. To explain Art is an Art.
The most difficult challenge for the human mind: to understand Contemporary Art.

$6 of $500 per month
Currently, I make videos with whatever time I can spare, but videos are one of the first things to get pushed aside when I have other projects to do that pay the bills. That means I sometimes go for weeks without posting a video. With this amount of money, I will be dedicated to creating at least 1 video a week.
And I'll purchase some new equipment and invest in my home studio for higher quality recordings!
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