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OK, now we're cooking. Five chickens a month, and I will incorporate YOUR input into one or more pieces of content each month. Could be a live stand up show, recorded comedy video, written piece, podcast--the sky's the limit. The point is, YOU will be part of the show! So start commenting on stuff, and let's make some magic together.
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About Dave George - Comedian

You shouldn't miss out on the comedy fun just because you're not in San Francisco, or you have kids and can't get a sitter, or you're in prison. 

Hi there, I'm Dave George, a hilarious, mean, and hilariously mean wrecking ball of comedy cruelty. I make fun of you, so that you don't have to. Each month, I create stand up comedy videos, man-on-the-street videos, podcasts, written pieces and many other kinds of comedy content.

By supporting me via the links to the right, I'm able to focus on creating hilarious comedy for you.
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