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is creating New beginnings for abused or neglected equines!
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Grooming Gnomes
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Sure! I'd love to help the mission of Horse Haven for the price of a cup of coffee.

My donation will go towards basic supplies such as fly spray, wormer, grooming supplies (even treats).

I know that my monthly donation will enrich and improve the life of the horses in care! 

Hay Helpers
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Sign me up!

I would love to make sure that the horses have access to free choice hay and alfalfa through a small monthly donation!

Rescue Partner
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Count me in!

I would love to help with the costs associated to help a horse out of a bad situation. My donation will help with hauling expenses, initial vet check ups and quarantine.

I know that my donation is saving a life and that I am helping the helpless! 




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About Horse Haven of Tennessee

Your help is needed! You can make a difference!

Horse Haven of Tennessee, Inc. was formed in 1999. Since then, more than 1,000 horses have been cared for by the ONLY nonprofit equine rescue serving the entire state of Tennessee.
The organization assists law enforcement officials by transporting and caring for horses that are seized during criminal abuse and neglect cases. On average Horse Haven rehabilitates approximately 140 horses a year and finds proper placement for them in loving caring homes through our adoption program.
Many of our program graduates have gone on to careers in the Hunter Jumper world, as trail horses, and our companion horses have gone on to be wonderful friends and babysitters to their pasture mates.
However before a horse can be adopted there is a long journey of recovery. The average vet bill for each horse is around 8k! In addition to the vet bills many horses require long term care before they are adoptable.

Staff and volunteers are the backbone of this organization and make daily care possible. In addition to our recovery program Horse Haven serves as a community hub providing outreach events to the public as well as education programs that promote best practices for caring for equines.
Horse Haven also has an owner assistance program to help owners who may be going through a rough spot, this has allowed many owners to keep their animals in their care until they get back on their feet.
Our goal is simple, we want to help every horse we can and we want your involvement. Horse Haven currently serves all 95 counties in TN.

Our “local” goal for the state is to recruit 100 members from each county who are willing to join our Patreon to better the lives of equines in TN. This will give us a cushion for the horse’s (and ponies) daily needs and allow us to buy supplies like hay, shavings and grain in bulk.

However saving lives and making a difference for Horse Haven horses is not singular to our state, it is a national issue that we are battling.
Linking up with other organizations like ACCAT, The Right Horse Initiative, the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries, National Animal Care & Control Association and SPCA International provides a network to do more.
Our National goal is to involve as many people as possible to join our mission.

We welcome any size donation from the cost of a bale of hay to the cost of care for a horse for the entirety of its stay. There is no amount too big or too small.

Your donation will also help us recoup vet costs and be able to provide as much veterinary care as our horses may need. (140 horses a year, average 8k = a lot of help needed!).
As a 501(c)3 non-profit your donations are tax deductible so it is a win win!
Horse Haven has never initiated a fundraising effort this big but we are confident that the stories of the animal’s in our care past and present will inspire you to join our mission of “A Home For Every Horse”!

Thank you!
Matthew Lawson
Fundraising and Outreach
$13 of $10,000 per month
Did you know that Horse Haven operates solely on grants and donations from members of the public just like you? 

Our operating budget hovers around $240k a year.
We know that as a community we can do great things and enact social change.

Our initial goal is to reach sponsor levels of $10k a month, you've got this! 

Once that goal is reached we are going to shoot for $20k a month to cover all costs for an average year!

I am certain that our community of animal lovers will see the good we are doing and feel inspired to join the Horse Haven Team with a monthly donation! 

Horse Haven wants to include you in our journey with the launch of a youtube channel to share the stories of the animals in our care. 
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