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heyy legends! thank you so much for joining me on Patreon! 100% of your donations are invested straight into the musical world of Leo Rose, for your pleasure! for anyone who'd like to be a deeper part of the journey.... Early releases and 100% exclusive merchandise, music, videos, tickets and more also available to all Patrons!
Be a part of this amazingly beautiful, complex, crazy, wild journey with me, and see your own investment payed off into art both musically, and visually that you can enjoy! I think it's pretty beautiful that we can connect that way!
At the moment I'm working on Leo's Debut EP, Mixtape, a bunch of music videos and a few shows around Australia are in the planning stage also! so exciting!
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so basically, this EP is half written, with a few producers lined up, and the overall production/creation process... well lets just say is gonna make my bank a lil sad, but IF WE HIT THIS BABY! that would definitely help out a whole lot, that's the mix & masters payed for! <3 anything at all is highly appreciated! x much love.
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